Why It’s Good to be Busy for the Holidays


People complain about feeling stressed out and tired around this time of the year. But take it all in stride. It’s in the mundane things that there are opportunities.

Let me get some momentum going in this blog before I become another statistic – one of the 80% of bloggers that don’t make it past the first year (I just made that up by the way, but I know there’s some truth to it). I usually have an idea for a post weeks in advance. The time between conception and publication of a post is spent trying to get it just right, which seems kind of futile given that I am going to come back eventually and change up the content, the layout, even the title. Today, I’m going to just type and then hit that ‘Publish’ button. I can’t promise that I won’t try to fix it up later, though.

Today, I attended the funeral of a colleague and well-respected and widely loved teacher. The sadness in the church was so heavy. At one point I considered walking out, because it was getting to me. But I stayed. I stayed because her sister’s eulogy was so upbeat. I was surprised by the tone of her voice when she started speaking, because she sounded like she was giving a vibrant,” Sunday morning” sermon. “Yes, we grieve,” she said, “but we also celebrate because we knew the life that she lived.” I found that heartening, because she was super dedicated to living for God, and that is no exaggeration. If a child didn’t have a church to attend to take notes of what the pastor said and then report back to her what was preached, she took them to her own church.

I thought I would have felt even worse at the graveside (the sound of the dirt hitting the coffin is usually the final blow for me) but surprisingly I felt much lighter. I guess many others did as well, because the singing even sounded cheerful (amidst the sniffles and the eye-dabbing). Perhaps they were similarly moved by the eulogy. And even though the funeral made me think of other friends who have passed (and feeling sadder), it also made me think that getting caught up in the activities and festivities of the season is okay. If Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ arrival, then you have to celebrate properly. The traditional Christmas cleaning can seem like a major chore, but it’s in the mundane things that  there are opportunities for making memories, sharing an encouraging word with others or giving money that I probably may not have the chance to do at any other time of the year.

So yeah, people complain about feeling stressed out and tired around this time of the year. But take it all in stride. By accepting that the housework, shopping etc. are a lot to do but they have to be done and I am going to do them, I don’t feel as stressed. I make sure not to do more than what I can handle, for sure, but that something definitely gets done. Tomorrow’s tasks: cleaning the kitchen cupboards, scrubbing the sink, getting gifts for my two goddaughters. May the work continue!  Time to click that ‘Publish’ button…


 ♥ In loving memory of Beverley Gill ♥





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