Hello world!


Eek! I’m so excited 🙂 It’s been on my heart for a few months now to start a blog. To test my motives, I kept asking myself, “Why should I do this?” But then I started asking myself, “Why not?” Why not write about what motivates me, and perhaps motivate someone else? I have lots of interests (just check out my Pinterest boards!) but I’m really passionate about the Word of God. I love when the Holy Spirit gives a revelation, and the truth really hits home. After basking in the Logos word – God’s written word – there’s nothing more I want to do than share it!

I’ve been keeping a journal for some years now, but the journal is mainly for me; this blog is mainly for you! It’s time to let loose what I’ve been storing up for a while. And to make it clear, this is a lifestyle blog, not a religious one. It’s not about traditions, it’s about acting out and living the best life possible, the way God intended and instructed. I’m so looking forward to sharing and connecting with others! Hello world!


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