What to do when your leader is difficult (Part 1)

If it’s a case where people can’t ship out, unless there’s mutiny or a civil change in captain, then everybody is going down. And that is the saddest thought of all.

This post has been a ridiculously long time in the making. I mean, yeah, life happened, so I couldn’t exactly write the whole thing in one night. But it was more a process of experiencing many different things over the past year, breaking them down to analyse them, and learning the lessons that needed to be learned. It made sense that this should be what I write about next, given that the last topic was about difficult followers. Now that I’ve been able to meditate on all that’s transpired (I’ve certainly had enough time to do it), I can now attempt to offer suggestions as to what anyone can do when they think that their leader has lost it. (Disclaimer: This may not work in all situations. Use discernment and, even if you don’t see immediate results, always remain optimistic – no matter what!!)

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Do you lead like David? 7 ways to lead difficult people


Leaders are always held accountable, no matter the circumstance, even if they might not be directly at fault for the situation. Even the most charismatic leader comes under scrutiny by his followers when things aren’t going their way. But God gives courage in those trying situations to the leader. Courage gives a person just enough “oomph” to take action.

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Plan or Perish! (Why You Need to Make Long-Term Plans)


The greatest act of faith is to have a plan.

Dr. Myles Munroe

We all know we should do it – yet the task of mapping out the direction we want to take in life can seem so daunting. Still, the way how quickly time flies these days, it’s mandatory to have a plan, personal, business or otherwise, if not the years can fly by and then we wonder what we’ve really done over the last five years. I can scarcely imagine that it’s almost 10 years that I’ve been teaching. Ten years!!

I think that when we haven’t accomplished certain things in life, instead of looking at our current circumstances and how they may be less than ideal, it’s better to be reflective, and consider what we initially set out to do in order to achieve that thing. Too often we say we are planning to do something. But we aren’t really planning – we’re just thinking about it and hoping things work out.  Continue reading

5 Declarations to Improve Your Financial Situation Now

“Egad, Brain!”


Remember when Pinky used to make this exclamation to his power-hungry partner in the 90s cartoon “Pinky and the Brain”? That’s how I feel when I realise that the year is near done (and that I haven’t posted in sooo long!). It’s so crazy, but we all know that time waits on NO ONE. That being said, now is as good a time as ever to post, and make sure that Merry Sole still has some life in it. The truth is, work had me crazy busy the last few months, and I made a hot mess of managing my time. Having graduated in October made me reflect, “How come I’m doing such a sucky job now and before I used to do all this and still prepare for exams or write a thesis??” Maybe I have to re-adjust to life without the pressure. It makes me think of how the the ground can have cracks forming when layers of overlying rock are removed. (Couldn’t help that one – I teach Geography!)

One thing that has really got my attention now is money. Specifically, how I can improve my financial situation – less debt, more savings, more investments, more peace of mind. I’ve got nearly 100 pins on Pinterest that take me to these great sites with loads of financial advice. But I still haven’t put into action all the advice I read. To be honest, the road to financial freedom seems so scary at times, with all the sacrificing and discipline that will be necessary. But the thought of financial security is so blissful, it makes everything seem worthwhile to achieve it. I just need some help getting on the road and staying on it!

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Happy Birthday!!! ^0^

happy giant tortoise_birthdayImage by slither-and-scales {link to http://slither-and-scales.tumblr.com/post/90216952683/giant-tortoise-is-happy} via drxgonfly {link to http://drxgonfly.tumblr.com/post/90301051762/slither-and-scales-giant-tortoise-is-happy}

As if I was going to forget Merry Sole’s birthday! It seems like I barely made it, given that I’ve been MIA for the last few months. But I did, and it’s worth celebrating no matter how I got here. Is Merry Sole exactly where I want it to be? Not even close. While my plans on number of posts I’d have written, the number of followers I would have had, and the design of the blog have not reached fruition, I’m so happy to say that despite the distractions and subsequent neglect, that I technically still have a blog.

Now, I didn’t plan to write this part. Honest. But writing the first few lines instantly set off something in my mind. It’s a timely reminder that, personally, I’m not where I would have wanted to be in life by now, but a hopeful, positive attitude goes a loooong way. If I take stock of all that has transpired up to this point, there is still much for which to be thankful. Plus, once I don’t lose sight of the goal, I can still enjoy the process of reaching it!

P.S. I was away for so long because I was finishing my thesis. Thanks be to God that it is finished!! *backflip* *jump up and high five a wall*

White Christians: Time to Get Woke

One voice can become many.


I should start by giving a disclaimer. I don’t claim to be completely “woke.” In fact, I’m probably far from woke. I’m trying to get woke, hence the title. I simply want other people like myself to try, simply attempt to get woke with me. 

I am as white as it gets. Nearly 100% European ancestry, mostly English. I grew up in a mostly white suburb and live in a mostly white town. I’m soon moving to a town that’s probably whiter than the one I live in now. I’m WHITE. I haven’t shielded myself from cultures different my own, but I haven’t exactly immersed myself in them.

However, for probably 10 years, I’ve truly appreciated many pieces of art created by brothers and sisters who do not share my skin color. In my middle school years, the rhymes of African-American and Christian rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H. filled my headphones…

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

They say that you learn something new everyday. That was certainly true last Friday, when I learned, or so I thought, that “trailblaze” is technically incorrect. I went on a walk a few days ago with two friends, Davison and Orien, from work. Every other Friday, we leave school to go on trails, taking in the great scenery of the east coast of Barbados. Part of the trail took us through a field that recently had a fire. Davison  made an observation that really struck a chord with me.

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